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Dream Believe Then Receive What God Put In Your Heart

This devotional is one that Joel Osteen wrote. I am a subscriber to their email service. This teaching on believing for what God has put in our hearts is really good.

“I know God’s given you dreams — He’s put them on your heart in a way you can’t deny. You may not have told anyone. You may have thought it was too big to happen.

But I want you to realize that God hasn’t given up on those dreams and you don’t have to either.

I’ve never heard of one story where God gave a dream and fulfilled it on the same day.

God has designed life with seasons and processes — each step along the way does something unique that builds our faith and causes us to step out and trust Him.

God came to Abraham in Genesis 12 and promised not just to bless him, but to bless ALL the people of the earth through Him. In Genesis 15 Abraham is struggling to believe these incredible promises so God does something amazing that I want you to notice.

“Then the Lord took Abram outside and said to him, ‘Look up into the sky and count the stars if you can. That’s how many descendants you will have!’ ” (Genesis 15:5 NLT)

God wasn’t just making promises to Abraham — He was teaching him how to dream. God knew if Abraham could see it…then he could dream it.

And just like He called Abraham to look up and see it — He’s making that same promise to you today.

God wants to teach you the same process He taught Abraham under that beautiful star-filled sky.

First you dream it…Then you believe it…Then you live it…

The first step is to get a vision. The next step is to trust Him. Then finally you take a step of faith and live out what God has promised, no matter what your circumstances, your friends, your worries or the enemy is telling you.

Victoria and I want you to know that God loves you generously and abundantly, and as a loving Father, He’s impressed and honored when His children dream bold, supernatural dreams. I believe we bless God when we dream big.

Remember, it’s never too late for God to move in your life. Step out in faith today!”