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Overcome Issues in Life-Putting Hope in God

The scripture below has helped me overcome issues in my life which I sometimes find myself either concerned, troubled or gloomy about. Why do I permit these feelings to control my thoughts? This passage has given me faith to set my hope in the Lord. As hope is entrusted to him, I find that the unease, anxiety and sorrow go away. My soul is no longer so distressed! That’s the power of God’s Holy Word. It is able to direct us away from destructive thoughts and guide us towards a good God who can fix everything.

Psalms 42::5

Why are you so downcast (sad ), O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God.

With help from God, I am able to set my mind on things above and move my thoughts away from gloomy, earthly things simply by putting my hope in God.