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Christians Keep Moving Forward Leaving the Past Behind

No matter what, we must keep moving forward in God. Sin will come to discourage, people will disappoint us, and at times life will set itself against us, but we must never stop moving forward in our faith. When we experience some sort of setback in life, which knocks us down or backward, we get up and take a step forward into the things of God.

Philippians 3:14

I press on towards the goal to win the prize of God calling me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

Here are a few small steps that can help us get moving forward if life has set us back a few steps or sin has taken us to places that we need to get out of.

Turn toward God and repent from sin
Read the Bible
Fellowship with Christian friends

God is for us, not against us. His love endures forever and his faithfulness stretches to the sky. He will strengthen us when we are weak. We must trust him.

1 comment to Christians Keep Moving Forward Leaving the Past Behind

  • Mark Montgomery

    It’s a day to day struggle with me..I have been struggling with some health problems and trying to keep my trust and faith in God sometimes is over whelming….it’s not a easy walk but than again it wasn’t for Jesus either…

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