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Daily Bible Devotions-Christian study lessons inspired by God

These daily Christian Bible devotions are great for Sunday school teachers, family readings, couples, youth lists, church meetings, women’s and men’s study groups. They are short devotional lessons that we email every day to our subscribers. On the site we have arranged them by topic. The free ministry material consists of a verse or two from the New International Version of God’s word and a brief anointed Holy Spirit-inspired spiritual lesson.

Short list of a few devotions by topic:

1. Humility Matthew 23:12
2. Temptation 1 Corinthians 10:13
3. Angles Psalms 91:11
4. Frustration John 16:33
5. Kindness Ephesians 4:32
6. Forgiveness Ephesians 4:31
7. Hope Jeremiah 29:11
8. Love John 13:34-35
9. Praying 2 Thessalonians 1:11
10. Rejection Luke 6:22-23

We have hundreds of free Bible lessons which were born out of life’s experiences and connected to spiritual truths discovered within God’s word. They work well as Sunday School lesson-starters or for daily encouragement. We send them through church email lists. It’s common practice for a group leader to subscribe to the devotionals and then to email women’s, men’s or youth groups with the lesson of the day.

These online teachings were inspired by the Holy Spirit, anointed with life-giving power and written by Jordy Christo. They have proven to be excellent teachings which have touched many adults all over the world.

The author has written hundreds of devotionals which have affected many teens lives through the Prayer For Youth website/email subscriptions since 2005. Read the many testimonials on this page for youth devotions. It has been a common occurrence for moms or dads to sign-up to receive them with the idea of forwarding the short Bible lessons to their teenager only to discover an anointed message which touched their life as well.

God Devotions is committed to providing these free Bible Study lessons on a daily basis. When we started writing- through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit-we had no idea how many Christians would be touched and ministered to through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Through sending the devotionals by way of email, every day thousands of lives are affected in a positive way. A complete list of devotions by topic can be found in the sidebar.

We just published a new book that can be found on the Bible Daily Devotional website.